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Provided technical documentation with RoboHelp for globally used help systems and technical manuals and instructional curriculum for internal and external customers. Proposed, directed & evaluated process improvement projects which affected quality, cost, and performance. Maintained relationships with assigned $100k customer base by working directly with end users and corporate level contacts. resulting in process improvement opportunities at SAMC. Hawk-Eyed Gaze Over Analytics. Managed Technical staff consisting of two technical staff members. However, shorten our project management skills list to just seven basic areas – planning and scheduling, time management, risk management, cost management, quality management, contract management, stakeholder management. Utilized project management skills to provide technical serviceability, new product development and technical support for six manufacturing sites. Vision is a critical aspect of leadership. They might make mistakes, or they might surprise you, but make sure to check in after the fact instead of stepping in to fix it for them. Upgraded network infrastructure to support VOIP solutions. Managed team of Application Engineers in support of electronic design verification software and hardware. Established an internal training program for customer operations and inspired team with customer service philosophy. Implemented and developed processes and documentation for equipment final acceptance criteria to ensure conformance to customer's requirement. Translated energy efficient solutions to equipment delivery. Worked with staff members to ensure compliance with all regulations and procedures. Attention to Details. Developed software setup and restore procedures to reduce computer deployment time. Career Paths for a Technical Support Manager, Technical Support Services Manager Skills, Information Technology Support Manager Skills, Information Technology Technical Services Manager Skills, Information Technology Technical Services Manager. Installed and configured VMWare on server and built and maintained several Virtual servers. Technical support pros who step onto the job market will have greater success and land more interviews if they can demonstrate their problem-solving savvy and communication skills to potential IT employers. Thinking and talking out problems that aren't on your plate might inspire you with strategies you can use in your own day-to-day. Performed performance reviews of support staff. Initiated, developed, and maintained relationships with product users in the pharmaceutical industry. The Technical Support Manager is part of Amplion’s broader Customer Experience Team. Managed the Claims/Customer Service Department, concentrating on excellent customer service and reduction of backlog. Utilized team resources to ensure accurate problem resolution. Managed a 24/7 group responsible for weekend system implementations and problem resolution to any/all system related problems. Developed direct reports into more effective technical support engineers. Optimized the product development process by conducting market and competitor research to pinpoint new opportunities. Designed operational procedures, authored support manuals and service level agreements, and set call priority levels. Strong computer skills, leadership traits, and technical accreditations are a must for technical support managers, as is an ability to …Read more … Provided advanced customer support for timely and effective problem resolution. Interacted with Lucent Regional Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) for trouble analysis and resolution. Updated SLA's and OLA's annually, resulting in 30% increase in customer satisfaction. Researched, recommended, configured, and troubleshot software/hardware enhancements and solutions, application deployments, and infrastructure upgrades. Designed, directed construction, and instrumentation of $1mm QA laboratory, including GC-TCD, GC/MS, KF, etc. Typically, people in these roles have … But they're of particular importance to customer support managers. The technical support engineer may be called upon to manage larger projects, like making system changes or implementing new hardware/software. Ask any teacher or coach: Patience is a crucial part of being successful. Installed, repaired and maintained customer internet connections. Worked with delivery teams and IBM development to troubleshoot critical production exceptions resulting in improved database reliability and increased customer satisfaction. Prepared and administered quarterly and annual performance reviews and merit increases. You'll need to be available to help your employees solve problems -- in their customer careers, or bigger ones in their professional development. Developed standardized equipment maintenance and repair procedures - assured all equipment was at same revision level. Coordinated a team of external Independent Contractors, including management performance reviews, customer complaint management and accounts payable. Provided excellent Customer Service and the ability to resolved customer questions and concerns. Programmed devices on the network to ensure proper functionality of device/coverage in market areas. Documented process for the creation/maintenance of user accounts in Active Directory. Provided program support as liaison between program management, engineering and purchasing organization. Prepared project plans with milestones/costs and supervised tasks for accountability to ensure deadlines are met. Conducted analysis and successfully established cost effective and systematic supplier chain to provide JIT service and material needs. Encouraged continuing technical training and succeeded with all core tier 2 representatives being promoted to systems administrators. Collected product feedback from manufacturers and funneled it to marketing and project management to improve existing and refine future product versions. Performed point of sale transactions with retail customers and provided technical support regarding purchased products. Negotiated free months of services, refund or visit from service managers in effort to retain customer base. Performed project management, payroll, scheduling, ordering, and billing duties using QuickBooks. Developed Knowledge Base for common problems in document capture and document scanners. Developed and coordinated a nationwide trial program for selling UNIX Processors. Created Global Cloud Support team, enabling VMware's expansion into Cloud Computing. Patience. The same goes for customers. Vision can be the difference between a manager who's a mentor and a manager who's effectively a project manager -- and not a people manager. Developed and measured performance against KPIs. Performed system maintenance & administration in HP-UX 11.0 (HP-9000) and SCO-Unix and Windows 2000/XP/98 environment. You worked your way up from your first role in customer support as a rep on the front lines, and now, you're managing a high-performing customer support team. Specialized in new deployment and conversion issues for both Unix and Windows Client /server based clientele. This is especially important for customer support managers, because let's face it -- customer support can be a grind. Authored and managed training guide updates for department best practices stored on the department's SharePoint portal. Worked on projects with platforms including Mainframe, Linux, & Unix. Led product enhancement sessions for all enterprise applications on Linux, UNIX, DOS, NT and embedded controller environments. Improved operational efficiency of the program by devising new, intuitive, and cost-effective solutions. Supported proprietary hardware, software, VOIP, video and networking through the phone, instant messages and client visits. Provided systems and hardware integration solutions, installed and configured high-speed, high-capacity scanners. Managed and organized technical support staff to effectively and efficiently provide fast problem resolution turn around times. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. 2 Technical Support Manager to join our team who has a passion for improving patient care, serving customers, working with technology and who has experience building and managing technical call center teams. Provided hardware and software support to more than 400 workstations LAN, WAN or VPN environments. Technical Support Managers train and coordinate a company's technical staff while solving procedural problems and recommending improvements to management. Interacted with FDA, ISO and Internal auditors on a frequent basis during audits and aided with all FDA 483 responses. Basic proficiency with office software like Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Docs and … Organized and built a high functioning support organization through incentive base rewards for delivery excellence. Managed implementation of VMware and Citrix environments to support server consolidation and provide support for EPIC Hyperspace thick-client. Assisted with daily support of user functions including software, hardware, network, and active directory account issues. Employed built-in monitoring tools in Windows 2003 server such as Event Viewer to recognize errors and performed resolution. Engaged hands-on for customer escalations and case work. Patience. Executed all phases of technical support; including problem identification, prioritization, escalation, resolution, documentation and customer feedback. Managed the activities of software support team and oversaw overall team performance. Collaborated with cross functional groups to meet customers' technical and operational requirements. Technical skills are more important for low-level managers than for those at the top of the chain. Reduced manufacturing cost and improved quality by consolidating overseas contract manufactures from 6 to 2. Created customer recommendations for individualized disaster/recovery plans. Owned overall accountability for delivering services, meeting service level agreements, and driving continuous improvement activities. Maintained a strong relationship with other divisions, specifically Engineering, Marketing and QA. Reduced expenses relating to service calls by slashing the number of occurrences of return service trips. Maintained liaison between company and hardware/software vendors. Served as ITIL Incident Manager, overseeing a 16-member team and leading allocation of $3M vendor budget. Participated in multiple product development projects representing customer expectations and customer experience. Managed shared service entry point for technology project management. Managed defects and enhancements through the change management and incident management process. Having to tell people things that might disappoint or frustrate them is part of being a manager. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. You can't oversee a team of IT professionals if you're lost when it comes to navigating your company's programming systems. Reviewed, developed, and implemented processes and procedures to ensure continuous improvement of services offered. Developed MS Excel trend analysis charts for monthly reports reviewed by modification management managers & supervisors. Pioneered monitored key performance indicators for the first time in the division's history. Researched, selected, and implemented the ITIL Service Desk Incident and Problem management system. Time Management Skills. Developed rules of engagement and created processes and KPIs to increase efficiency. Participated in key account meetings, coached staff and promoted an environment that encouraged communication, learning and customer service excellence. Led a team of IT Support Desk professionals for both the internal employees and external customers. Established key performance indicators/goals for customer care technical support team, including call handling, call quality, and up-selling. Provided technical training presentations to customers. Worked across departments e.g., Product Management, Development/QA, Services to ensure partner satisfaction. Spearheaded proactive performance improvements, including normalization of corporate databases for substantial increases to retrieval speed and data integrity. Implemented a Ticket Management / CRM Solution for better tracking of issue resolution, resource management, and inventory. Study the speeches and debates of political and government leaders you believe in to see how they choose phrasing that includes instead of alienates its viewers. Maintained partnership between category and development teams to drive cross functional initiatives to ensure best-in-class support. Directed all activities and provided training for 18 staff members, mentoring for achievement. Worked with product development teams to provide feedback and input on design enhancements as well as new features for products. Analyzed technical trends with Blackboard solutions and provides appropriate feedback to Engineering Services and Product Support management. Reduced customer complaints 90% and cost of quality $250K first year by developing site QA program. Support managers are responsible for the coordination of technical and information systems in an organization. Managed customer escalations on service delivery and service assurance issues for customers billing $2M-$5M/month. They use their industry expertise to improve all aspects of project planning and resource management. Coordinated system setup required for upcoming installations by customers. Managed 10 direct reports, including technical and senior escalation engineers. The fact is, you're never going to be able to please everyone as a manager. Performed detailed business planning, focused demand planning and implementation of QOS aligned processes for existing and new product introduction. Advised management regarding customer satisfaction, product performance and suggestions for product improvements utilizing database applications. How to Build This Skill: One of the most effective ways to improve emotional intelligence is to practice active listening. Communication Skills. Implemented an internal knowledge base for support staff and updated tier 2 training documents. Transitioned rapidly from Customer Support engineer to Staff Software Engineer then to Advisory Software. Facilitated high-level cases and calls entered into the PeopleSoft CRM system; Investigated and coordinated the resolution of client issues. Maintained local and remote technical support and dispatch staff to meet contractual Service Level Agreements. Served as acting customer service manager overseeing a team of eight customer service representatives and one technical support representative. Provided guidance and technical assistance during science cruise/missions. Flexibility is essential to tech support engineer jobs. Worked with clients to help develop service level agreements that would meet client's goals and deliver customer satisfaction. Performed periodic performance reviews of Tier I technicians. Implemented group policies to secure terminal server sessions, set Internet proxy settings, and secure desktops & servers. While empathy refers to your ability to relate to misfortune, emotional intelligence is your ability to interpret and respond to other people’s emotions. Additionally, expanding your technical knowledge and skills will make it … This article will teach you about technical skills for effective management. Implemented Network Guardian Internet security/control software corporate-wide, slashing OT. Created both physical and logical devices, built databases and other application-related objects. Supported North American sales force by providing technical support to customer base. Performed NOC level technical support and troubleshooting of high-speed internet connections for individuals and businesses. Supervised multilingual technical support agents, provided support and development to improve troubleshooting and customer satisfaction by one call resolution. Created standardized service level agreements (SLA) for the various maintenance models. Started a detailed knowledge base of all issues handled via the telephone support line. Created and implemented opportunities for improvement to develop more efficient machines to the OEM's and to sister Mars organizations. Created a returning customer base of direct sale customers leading to a 64% greater profit margin. Completed multiple infrastructure projects to integrate operations, including ERP, CRM and professional services applications. Created and implemented a complex system that increased productivity across departments utilizing real time monitoring software. Served as key personnel and process advocate on ITIL implementation, tool implementation and Help Desk outsourcing project teams. Resolved customer service issues and answered questions of customers regarding services and procedures resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Designed, developed and maintain company Support Database and implement necessary enhancements and updates. Helped locate and assemble equipment and accessories for best setup. Created Active Directory accounts (Outlook Web Access, VPN). Managed team competence development and employee performance reviews. Managed support group consisting of over 125 Internet technical support representatives for a nationwide Internet Service Provider serving over 150,000 customers. Led the build of a system test environment to be used by BB&R QA for release testing. Supervised Technical Services staff with eight direct reports. Programmed in multiple languages for various program modules (Basic / Visual Basic 6.0/.NET/ Flash / SQL). Created and managed user accounts and mailboxes using Active Directory and Exchange Management Console. Communication. Conducted both new hire and internal interviews, provide feedback and support to senior level staff members. Teamed with Engineering and Manufacturing divisions to provide technical feedback on new product developments. Negotiated with and leveraged vendors to provide volume discounts, resulting in a 10% cost reduction for new store setups. Created a web-based sales and order tracking system using HTML, JavaScript, Perl, MySQL, and Red Hat Linux. Managed a 15-person technical support team which provided customers with information regarding the specifications and application of our products. Implemented service level agreements for better communication across functions and improved audit ratings. Provided software and hardware troubleshooting for more than 100 individuals with Windows and Mac Operating Systems. What to look for in an answer: The candidate uses reasoning and logic (there is no correct answer, as it's an opinion question) The candidate views both skills as important, even if they choose one skill over the other Managed all hiring and termination activities of the customer service and Technical Support representatives. Analyzed KPIs and P&L campaign finances with Director to ensure growth and success for territory. As a people manager, employees will come to you when they have problems. Provided SharePoint support for lists, libraries, user group management and Outlook calendars synced with SharePoint. Provided Enterprise ASP software support for System Administrators of colleges and universities. Established technical training procedures, automated support tracking system, and staffing guidelines in an effort to handle calls more efficiently. Administrated an Active Directory to reflect team member access, skills etc. Implemented equipment inventory management program for 700+ pieces of equipment that drastically reduced maintenance costs. Identified SLA s and managed team productivity reports * Implement staff development plan, assigned annual objectives and performed annual review. Submitted weekly reports to key stakeholders detailing support metrics and customer escalations. Implemented mainframe software and hardware upgrades and conducted yearly disaster recovery exercises for clients. Provided technical assistance and troubleshoot technical issues for customers on OpenSource Led team to exceed required 95% average Service Level Agreement/SLA compliance for Incident Management. Demonstrated experience working in a VMWare/VDI Environment For more information, check out our privacy policy. Implemented and evaluated staff training / certification programs and customer service technical audits, and established performance measurement criteria. Authored and administered all policies relative to computer use restrictions and internet practices. Established and implemented Service Level Agreements. Managed installation of new digital phones (Cisco VoIP) for the department. Managed migration of Customer Contact Center application from OS/2 to Windows Server platform; eliminating 26 file servers. Developed a low-cost method to manage translations of training modules and transcriptions from live streaming video for 15 languages. Developed and implemented a QA program to be utilized across multiple call center groups. Managed support cases and resolved all issues, evaluated resolution provided to confirm compliance with necessary guidelines. Initiated programs to meet SLA objectives for First Quality Response and Mean Time to Resolve. Implemented electrical and mechanical cost saving manufacturing processes leading to better capacity and reliability. Defined procedures in conjunction with operating staff, as well as communicating with management regarding relevant quality-related training. Reduced application maintenance spent by outsourcing and applying governance framework by 30% and maintained same service level agreements. Provided advanced level tech support/product support to vendors and retailers. Often times, you'll find that, even when discussing their opponents, their phrasing and tone are still diplomatic because they focus on delivering the right instead of their emotions. Managed up to 30 direct reports and 12 indirect reports; reported to the VP of Technical Services. Developed and coordinated an Engineering Escalation Process for dealing with interdepartmental communications regarding systemic product problem resolution. Managed external vendors including QA and software development studios to help expedite increased project workload. Emotional intelligence is often confused with empathy, but it’s a very different skill that support managers must possess. Developed and published Service Level Agreements for the technical support organization. Produced departmental requirements for global CRM platform and assisted with implementation. Recruited to align technology support and project management for production release issues. Implemented TCP/IP, DHCP DNS and other related services. This is part of why it's so important to build communication skills as a manager -- so you can deliver a message that keeps people inspired Monday through Friday, forty or more hours per week. Used MS Project as a basis for project management. Delivered exceptional customer phone support through help desk, troubleshooting, escalation and scheduling of technician on-site appointments. Created a comprehensive departmental business plan that effectively addressed all day-to-day and long-term concerns and objectives. Managed local and remote technical support engineers achieving 100% on-time performance evaluations. Provided desktop support for over 100 Windows based kiosk computers using Active Directory. Assisted Pharmacists in filling medications. Provisioned and implemented VMWare ESX Server and Workstation 4.5 for select Lab environments within the NHEERL group. A big part of working with customers is being diplomatic. Designed support network of Linux servers for web, email, file serving. Incorporated Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Model Integration principles to examine areas for performance improvement. Enforces company policies and procedures. Created Tech Support Department, integrating lab, customer service, work flow and new product support. Managed a team of ten employees providing daily data quality and software support to over 300 banks and credit unions. Reduced inspection costs by $850K annually through incorporation of easily accessible acceptance criteria. Emotional intelligence will help you understand the customer’s short- and long-term needs, preventing potential churn. Generated reports using SQL, Crystal Reports, .net, and .ASP. Managed and worked as a committed team player for the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Convention for 17 years. Served as user liaison/business analyst for all new software developed for external customers. These are the core responsibilities of the support manager position. Recruited multiple staff members and developed a team with a standard of giving the highest quality customer service. Supervised up to 8 software support specialists on-site at Compuware and Boeing. Implemented procedures directing Level 1 personnel to assist Sustaining Engineering and QA groups to ensure product quality. Ensured service level agreements were met by managing technical support related operations. When customers have special problems that reps can't solve on their own you'll jump into to save the day. Provided AS/400 and network technical support to application software customer base and sales staff. Composed all documents and monitored information on company SharePoint site. Managed technical services and support for embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS) on UNIX open source. Conducted technical training sessions, which offer user training on various computer-related subjects. Additionally, they will hire and train additional support member in a business's tech department. Managers need to be patient when teaching new reps the basics of customer support, when coaching reps through tough situations or low performance, and when tackling complex issues with customers who might be angry, rude, or impolite. How to Build This Skill: When your initial reaction is impatience of frustration to something an employee, peer, or customer says, consciously practice thinking about the reasonwhythey said it before jumping to your own reaction. Worked with many government agencies in developing specialized military approved procedures for implementing software solutions. Hobbies include camping, kayaking, and competition barbeque. Negotiated contracts with facilities support vendors, infrastructure support and leased equipment. Managed internet implementation team for alternative payment delivery systems in an e-commerce environment. Liaised between Software Support and other cross-functional departments including but not limited to Development and Product Management. Coordinated maintenance with numerous internal departments and external customers to minimize circuit downtime and disruptions to the business. Defined and implemented policies and procedures surrounding change control and software configuration management leading to a reduction in change related errors. Managed staff time allocation, budget, utilization, career development and performance reviews. Handled customer escalations and worked with other departments to resolve customer issues. Demonstrated strong product knowledge by conducting thorough presentations regarding Packet 8 VoIP products and services. Provide senior management with monthly reports. Managed a team of account managers and customer service representatives to ensure high quality service delivery. Developed innovative and effective solutions to addressing the APCS systemization work that has ensured the successful startup of the facility. Managed team of Technical Support representatives providing email & phone support for customers troubleshooting e-Reader devices and/or Android/iPhone/Blackberry applications. Developed technical service level agreements as well as end-user support documentation. Has full authority for personnel actions. Supervised 13 staff members by offering constructive feedback, extensive training, and coaching excellent service and technical skills. Interviewed, hired and trained new employees to support a product on all versions of Windows. Developed plans and procedures to support emergency and contingency operations in support of state or national requirements. Developed the program to have international distributor service events reported to AMO post market surveillance meeting FDA requirements. Managed 30-50 technical support representatives to contribute to daily revenue of team and ensured that service level agreements were met. Fulfilled several roles including project management, on-site installations, and training in addition to my management duties. Analyzed trends associated with assigned customer and report these to Product Support management. Conducted in-house hardware component installations and software configuration of customer PCs. Performed UNIX administration while training and managing other administrators. Collaborated with Product Development and Product Management, providing customer advocacy regarding software defects and needed enhancements.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils With Vinegar, Navy Working Hours, What Does Around And About Mean, Unique Batting Gloves, Keto Rum Drinks, Audio-technica Atgm2 Vs Modmic 5, Petite Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks Price, Riyakar Meaning In Urdu, Quartz Employee Benefits, Smoker Chimney Size, Bamboo Bloom Handpaints Cowl,

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